Larel's Furniture                                          State Bank of De Kalb                       Bowie County Equipment

903-667-2213                                                 903-667-2584                                           903-667-2553    

 132 N. Runnels St.                                     102 S. Runnels St.                                    421 E, Front St.

De Kalb                                                           De Kalb                                                      De Kalb



TEXAR                                                    Bowie Cass Electric                              Jason Hawkins Insurance

903-223-0000                                              903-846-2311                                            903-667-3210

W. Front St.                                              1-877-707-2232                                         309 W. Grizzly

De Kalb                                                      Douglasville                                                 De Kalb


Jody's Flowers                                 Bates Family Funeral Home                     Janet's Hands & Tans and Mom's Corner

903-667-4321                                           903-667-2009                                              903-628-7150

132 N. Runnels St.                                601 E. Front St.                                           424 N. McCoy

De Kalb                                                    De Kalb                                                   New Boston



De Kalb Animal Hospital                     Dairy Queen                                           Phillips Forest Products

903-667-9206                                       903-667-0086                                                903-667-4151

451 FM 1701                                       416 W. Front                                             US 82 & FM 1701

De Kalb                                               De Kalb                                                        De Kalb  


Son Town Real Estate            Jackie Hawkins-Germania Insurance                Coleman Motors

903-667-7653                                         903-667-2072                                             903-628-6553

1250 S. Runnels St.                             1241 CR 4257                                              510 Addison

De Kalb                                                  De Kalb                                                   New Boston



Flatcreek Timberland Logging             AEP SWEPCO                                     Front Street Junction

903-684-4176                                         1-888-216-3523                                            903-667-3086 

903-249-5481                                                                                                         535 W. Front St.

Avery                                                                                                                        De Kalb



Hodges Dental Clinic                 Miller, James, Miller and Hornsby LLP            De Kalb Pharmacy

903-667-5127                                             903-794-2711                                           903-667-0880

109 Oak St.                                       1725 Galleria Oaks                                        120 W. Front

De Kalb                                                 Texarkana                                                  De Kalb



De Kalb Funeral Home                      Wisdom Animal Clinic                      Daniel E. Wandrey, M.D.

903-667-2334                                               903-793-1193                                    Lake Pointe Medical Partners     

305 W. Fulton                                          2403 Texas Blvd                                 Rockwall, Texas  

De Kalb                                                      Texarkana                                        972-722-4816 


Guaranty Bond Bank                         Juanita McMillon & Family                      Red River Land & Timber

903-628-6270                                                  De Kalb                                        Bill Raulston     

910 James Bowie Dr.                                                                                            

New Boston                                                                                                              


McDonald's                                   Kelly Tidwell - Patton Tidwell              Red River Federal Credit Union

903-628-2429                                   Schroeder & Culbertson LLP                              903-735-3000

702 N. McCoy                                            903-792-7080                             De Kalb ATM - 100 N. Johnson

New Boston                                          4605 Texas Blvd.    



Tina Kruse -                                          Johnston Motors                                      MTG Engineering

United CountryReal Estate                      903-628-2513                                            903-838-8533

903-667-5520                                       617 James Bowie Dr.                               5930 Summerhill Rd.

802 W. Front                                             New Boston                                             Texarkana

De Kalb



Spring Market                                         Lone Star Ag Credit          Little Rascal Daycare             Chili Flat Catfish Tournament                  

 De Kalb. Texas                                           903-628-3031                  Samantha Morgan                   Tom and Connie Cooper                

                                                                  516 James Bowie Dr                                                                                         

                                                                 New Boston, Texas                                                     


Crouch Roofing                                   Citizen's Tribune                                  CenterPoint Energy

903-667-2233                                          903-628-5801                                           800-259-5544

                                                            129 E. Front St.

                                                               New Boston



Matteson Farms                                     Students & Staff                                      Shumake Farms

Worth & Janie                                   De Kalb HIgh School                                      Ray & Linda



Jordan Home Care                                  KAMLO                                              Bumper to Bumper

903-667-4588                                    Johnny & Charlotte Powell                              903-667-2541

111 Bowie St.                                  "Grandparents of Maggie"                             401 E. Front St.

De Kalb                                                                                                                     De Kalb


Bill Cherry & Sons                                      Grantworks                                 Texas Farm Bureau Insurance

Dozer Service                                        Austin, Texas                                    Clayton Stillwell, Agency Manager

Bill: 903-831-8161

Mark: 903-701-4343

Jim: 903-277-6325


                 Loe's Auto Sales                                    St. Michael Quick Car                                                                                                                                                         413 E. Front St.                                      910 James Bowie Dr.                                                                                   

                 De Kalb 903-667-2543                            New Boston  Texas


Grant & Flanery LLP                      Walmart, New Boston                                      Windstream             John Tidwell

903-596-8080                                       903-628-8596                                               1-800-347-1991             202 District Judge

    Tyler                                          800 James Bowie Dr.                                   2315 Richmond Rd.

                                                           New Boston                                                     Suite 101



    De Kalb Physician Clinic                 Wadley Regional Medial Center                     De Kalb Insurance        Ponderosa Nursing Center

        216 N. Centre Street                     Texarkana, Texas                                           111 Bowie St                    12520 Fm 1840

     De Kalb, Texas                                                                                                       De Kalb, Texas              De Kalb, Texas

      903-667-2273                                                                                                            903-667-5211                  903-667-2572



 Angela Davis School of Dance         Hayter Engineering              Farris Phyical Therapy      T.S.S.C. ENTERPRISES     De Kalb Physical Therapy, PC

        101 E. Front St.                       Paris Texas                         Angie Farris, MSPT          Troy Crouch                        Wade Batchelor, PT

     De Kalb, Texas                                                                     903-280-1986                   903-276-9652                       903-667-7000


  Jason McDaniel                             Juanita Dog Grooming          Texarkana College          De Kalb Industrial Foundation    Red River Land & Timber

Edward Jones Investing                   903-293-6340                        Texarkana USA              903-667-2410                           Hobie Raulston



 In Memory of Tony Tantlinger            Iconic Construction               D & D Guns                       Rockin K Rose Boutique and Floral    Texarkana Emergency Center

                                                      George & Cynthia Rich           David & Denise McDaniel    Kynzi Holder Powell